Clinics and Services

In addition to GP consultations, the Practice offers a range of clinics and healthcare services.

These services are:

Anticoagulation Check

Weekly clinics are run at both sites for anticoagulation monitoring. We offer a simple procedure to check INRs, and prescribe the necessary anticoagulation.


The Practice Nurses run the asthma clinics within the Practice. The doctors and nurse practitioners will also see you if you have an acute problem. If you are using inhalers for asthma you should be seen at least once a year by the nurse.

If you have been asked by the surgery to complete an asthma review, please complete our online Asthma Review form.

Blood Pressure

We have a number of home Blood Pressure machines that we loan out to our patients. This gives you the ability to check your blood pressure readings over the course of a week.

We sometimes ask you to take your blood pressure yourself at home. Often when people have their blood pressure checked at the surgery it is higher than normal. This may be due to ‘white coat hypertension’, a term used to describe the effect on blood pressure caused by the anxiety of the check. You may not be aware of this feeling but it is very common.

Taking your blood pressure at home allows us to obtain a more accurate picture of your blood pressure. Taking a series of readings allows us to see what level your blood pressure is on average. Blood pressure is normally very variable, however if the pressure remains high it can cause damage.

Following the request from one of the clinicians, your name will be put on a waiting list for one of the machines. When one of them becomes available, we will get in contact with you.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit your blood pressure readings on a regular basis, please complete our online Blood Pressure Review form.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The Practice Nurses run clinics for patients with COPD. The Doctors or Nurse Practitioners will also see you if you have an acute problem with your breathing. Patients with this disease should be seen at least once a year.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a COPD assessment, please complete our online COPD Assessment form.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit breathlessness review on a regular basis, please complete our online Breathlessness Review form.


Currently the practice provides an implant fitting service, along with all other forms of contraception. We do not insert intrauterine devices here, but we can refer you to the family planning clinic.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review, please complete our online Contraceptive Pill Review form.

Coronary Heart Disease

People who have had heart problems are seen at least twice a year by the doctor or practice nurse. Prior to seeing the nurse or doctor, a blood sample is taken and your urine is tested.


Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will have regular check-ups with the Practice Nurse and Doctor. Normally you are seen twice a year.

Ear syringing

Our Practice Nurses help treat patients who need their ears syringing. We ask patients that are wishing to have their ears syringed to put olive oil in for 2 weeks prior to having an appointment.


This includes help and advice on exercise, weight, smoking, alcohol, diet, and cholesterol. We have a dietitian that comes to our Hempnall surgery once every two weeks. A referral to her can be made by your GP or Nurse Practitioner.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a smoking review on a regular basis, please use our Smoking Review form.


All the doctors provide full midwifery services, and our attached midwives from the Wherry Team can be contacted via the telephone number in the maternity pack.

Non-NHS Services

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Examples include the following:

  • Medicals for pre-employment, sports and driving requirements (HGV, PSV etc.)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad
  • Private sick notes

If you would like to request a medical report, please complete our online Medical Report Request form.

The fees charged are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested scales and our reception staff will be happy to advise you about them along with appointment availability.


Travel clinics are not held here.